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The mission of City Atlas is to help New Yorkers understand and prepare for the future of the city, as described in the reports of New York City Panel on Climate Change (NPCC), the IPCC, and, and to strengthen the democratic process towards equitable responses to climate change.

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City Atlas is a public-facing project about the future of New York City, founded in 2011 with a Cultural Innovation Fund Award from the Rockefeller Foundation. City Atlas is built and operated by Artist As Citizen, Inc., a 501(c)3 corporation, under the guidance of the Institute for Sustainable Cities at Hunter College.

We made Energetic, a board game about the future of New York City. Energetic gives everyone the chance to see the scope of change and cooperation needed to transform the city’s energy demand and supply in time to meet goals for the Paris Agreement.

We organize outreach projects, largely taking the form of Citizens’ Assemblies and other workshops drawing inspiration from the theory of deliberative democracy.

We advocate policy makers to invest in climate education and empowerment through institutional adoption of these practices.

This work is made possible through your support—thank you.

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